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Where the cloud comes over land it is evaporated by the convection, so that the line of the coast is clearly visible. The cumulus over the mountains is beyond (to the N E of) Agadir. The coast can be traced beyond Casablanca to Tangier and the coast of Spain and Portugal is faintly visible on the horizon. 56 PRACTICAL STUDIES THESE notes are not intended to be complete, but rather to be a basis from which further work can be developed. 1. The area of sky visible from the ground is very large. The horizon seen from a height h is at a distance roughly equal to Y(2Kb), where R is the earth's radius.

Use sunglasses to examine the clouds near the sun, where many interesting colours and shapes can be seen. It is of little value to use binoculars except on such tiny clouds as contrails. D o not risk looking at the sun through them except when it is very low and red, but then it can be very interesting. When the sun is not low it is very dangerous for the eyes. 12. The sky changes most rapidly at sunrise and so in an hour's observing then you will usually see more changes than at any other time.

24. The cold air returns when the cold front arrives. This is often a line of cumulonimbus formed where the cool air lifts the warm damp air. Although not all cold fronts are accompanied by the kind of refreshing clearance of storm clouds shown here, they are the most interesting and produce very rapid, beautiful, and dramatic changes in the sky. In this example mamma can be seen in the anvil of the nearest cumulonimbus. The cold air is moving from the right. 32 25. The clearance at a cold front is often quite sharp but not accompanied by a belt of rain.

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