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By J. P. J., H. P. S. (auth.), Dr. Jean-Pierre Jost, Dr. Hans-Peter Saluz (eds.)

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A defense concerns Many thoughts defined the following contain a few dangers, comparable to excessive electric present and voltage, radioactivity and hugely poisonous chemical compounds. it's completely crucial that the directions of apparatus brands be undefined, and that specific cognizance be paid to the neighborhood and federal safeguard rules. B advent The expression of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genes has been proven most of the time to be regulated on the point of mRNA synthesis. because of the quick improvement of equipment for dissecting DNA sequences, cis-acting regulatory parts comparable to promoters and enhancers were acknowledged. extra lately, the generally expressed instinct that discrete sequences inside of those parts represent binding websites for sequence-specific binding proteins has been proven, specifically by utilizing "footprinting" assays (for examples, Galas and Schmitz, 1978). This and comparable assays have already ended in the popularity, isolation and research of DNA-bind­ ing proteins for a number of genes. first-class experiences exist of the structural reports on those transcription regulatory proteins and comparable DNA components (for instance, Glover, 1989 and Johnson and McKnight, 1989), to which the reader is referred for specific info. To set the scene for functions of the options defined during this quantity, in simple terms the barest define of earlier stories is gifted the following. Protein-DNA interactions are depending on very particular tertiary configurations of the binding protein which enable the nearest touch with the DNA helix.

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3 Separation of the reaction product on a sequencing gel 39 40 40 40 D An Example . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 E The most common problems and their solutions 42 F Bibliography 42 BioMethods, Vol. 5 © 1991, Birkhiiuser Verlag Basel 35 A Introduction The exonuclease III from E. coli catalyses the stepwise 3' to 5' removal of mononucleotides from double-stranded DNA carrying a 3' OH end (Richardson et aI, 1964). The products of a complete digest of the linear duplex are two singlestranded molecules, each approximately half the length of the original duplex with only a small amount of complementary sequence between them at their 3' ends (see Fig.

NaBH4 Reduction Reaction > Resuspend the DNA pellets in 50 III of NaBlf4 reduction buffer. > Cool to ODe. > Add 50 III of an ice-cold NaBIf4 reduction solution containing 1 mg freshly dissolved NaBH4 to each sample. Because NaBH4 decomposes in water it may be necessary occasionally to spin down the NaBH4 reduction solution in an Eppendorf centrifuge before adding it to the samples. > Vortex the samples briefly. > Spin briefly in an Eppendorf centrifuge. V Protein-DNA Contacts and Altered DNA Structures with UV Light 61 > Allow the samples to stand undisturbed and open to the air at 4T in the dark for 16 h.

Enzymatic removal and replacement of nucleotides at single-strand breaks in deoxyribonucleic acid. J. BioI. Chern. 246 (1971) 2680-269l. , Sequencing end-labelled DNA with base-specific chemical cleavages. Methods Enzymology 65 (1980) 499-560. , Variable center to center distance of nucleosomes in chromatin. J. Mol. BioI. 154 (1982) 515-523. , and Kornberg, A. A deoxyribonucleic acid phosphatase-exonuclease from Escherichia coli. II Characterization of the exonuclease activity. J. BioI. Chern.

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