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By Benedikt Paul Göcke (auth.)

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Essentialism about individual membership in kinds (EM): Possible Worlds and Individual Essences 31 Every individual member I of kind K belongs to K in every possible world in which that individual exists’. Given my account of kind essences, I endorse EK as context-relative and reject EM because there might be possible worlds in which an individual essence is lacking the relevant properties in order to be associated with the complete set {P1, ... Pn}. 3 Objections There are objections one might raise against the ontology of possible worlds developed so far.

Doing so, however, on the assumption that existence is a two-place second-order property, leads to the conclusion that Santa Claus exists after all. If we assume that Santa Claus is not identical with Santa Claus, then we cannot logically derive the conclusion that he exists. If he were, he would exist. Therefore, if existence is a two-place relation involving proper names, only existing entities are self-identical, which seems to be false. 1 The objectual and the substitutional quantifier Is there a way of preventing the conclusion that Santa Claus exists, yet retaining the true assertion that he is self-identical?

Two options are available. Either proper names have a meaning and a denotation, or proper names are logically primitive and have no meaning but only a denotation. For instance, if ‘Peter’ is a proper name then either the term ‘Peter’ has a meaning which we can substitute for ‘Peter’ or it has no such meaning. If it has a meaning, then its meaning is plausibly given by a definite description of the form: ‘the x such that x is F and for every y which is F, x is y’. 15 This understanding of proper names leads again to a Plato’s beard problem about the existence of Santa Claus.

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