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DICABBOXYLIC ACIDS IN NmgOalDN YBTAEOLIBY 27 2. RGdudive Amination a. Synthda of Amino Aeide in Plunk From the very first it aeemed likely that tirawamination might play an important part in the synthesis of amino acids in plants, where the dicarboxylic amino a c i b apparently belong to the first organic products of nitrogen asaimilation (34). A complete theory of amino acid synthesis in leguminousplanta haa been proposed by V i e n and Laine (161). They m u m e the following atape: (1) Reduction of molecular nitrogen to hydmxylamine by the aymbiotic nodule bacteria; (2) formation of oximinoeuccinic acid through condensetion of hydmxylamine with OA formed from carbohydrate in the green plant; (3) reduction of oximinoeuooinic acid to A8 in the root nadulee, and (4) tramamhation of A8 with a-keto acids t o yield amino acids.

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