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By Ludwig Edelstein

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A vintage learn of medication in antiquity, historical medication brings jointly a lot of Ludwig Edelstein's most crucial paintings on an issue that occupied him all through a exclusive occupation. incorporated is his well known translation of and statement at the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to his different writings at the oath which show how odd it's of Greek scientific suggestion. The booklet additionally explores the impression of empiricism and skepticism on Greek and Roman medication, the perform of anatomy and dietetics in antiquity, and the relation of old medication to historic philosophy.

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The other tnterpreters do not attempt at ali to give an expla nation of these ru les. ios Cf. above, p. 5, 19-2 1 . 104 F or the c«/;ÉMµo" and its rôle i n Pythagoreanism , cf. above, n. 5 7 . 105 Cf . Kõrner, op. , p. 16, who in his interpretation of the Oath simply says : " Das nun folgende Gelõbnis bedarf keiner Erklãrung . " 1 °' Cf . D eichgrãber, op. , p . 3 8 ; but cf. also Daremberg , op. , p. 5 7 . 33 PA RT ONE They put themselves in to hi s hands, and the physician comes in contact wi th wom en and maidens and with very precious possessions indeed ; so toward ali these self-control shou ld be used .

454-55 K . ; Jon es, op. cit. , p. 48) , that is, in th e sense that physicians refused to practice surgery because they h eld it beneath th eir dignity. Th e study and teaching of th e various branch es of medicine had b ecome specialized long before, cf. Celsus, Introductio, 9 ; cf . also above, n. 86. 93 Cf. 58 D 1 [Diels-Kranz) (quoted above, n. 54) ; cf. -up! -à (Aristoxenus Fr. 8 [Müller)) . ToS 1'0001' • • • = 30 THE H I PPOCRATIC OATH mos t d iseases as the resul t of un reasonable living,94 one is at first inclined to conclude that they were mainly in terested in dietetics and pharma­ cology, because these were the more appropriate mean s of treatmen t.

1 08 For the idealistic point o f view consistently observed in t h e Oath, c f . above, p. 28, and below , p. 50. As a matter of fact the author of Il tp! 71Tpoii is a utilitarian, cf. below , n. 1 24 . 109 That this is so, i s also admitted by Deichgrãber, op. cit. , p . 38, who adds that the attitude taken i n the Oath is i n agreement with that taken by certain philoso­ phers, but he does not say who they are. 1 1° For Plato and Aristotle , cf. below , n . 1 1 7 , for the Pythagoreans in general , cf.

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