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By David W. H. Walton

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Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent in the world - a spot for event and a key quarter for worldwide technological know-how. examine carried out there has obtained expanding overseas cognizance because of issues over destruction of the ozone layer and the matter of world warming and melting ice cabinets. This dramatically illustrated new booklet brings jointly a world workforce of best Antarctic scientists to give an explanation for why the Antarctic is so primary to knowing the historical past and power destiny of our planet. It introduces the wonderful thing about the world's maximum barren region, its awesome attributes and the worldwide value of the overseas technological know-how performed there. Spanning subject matters from marine biology to area technology this booklet is an obtainable evaluation for an individual attracted to the Antarctic and its technology and governance. It offers a useful precis for these inquisitive about polar administration and is an idea for the subsequent iteration of Antarctic researchers.

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It is possible that temperate, cool temperate and even cold temperate regions of the world have been very effective in the process of species diversification. Continued investigations of the fossil record may provide valuable insights into the role of the polar regions in determining the contribution of high latitude regions to the global species pool. A land of fire The relative peace and tranquillity of Gondwana was disrupted approximately 183 million years ago by an extensive but relatively short-lived period of volcanic activity that heralded the break-up and disintegration of the supercontinent.

It migrated through different climatic regions and was colonised by an evolving flora and fauna. For the first part of its journey, picture a continent traversed by large meandering river systems and partly covered in lakes and shallow seas inhabited by armour-plated fish, now preserved as fossils in sedimentary rocks along the length of the Transantarctic Mountains. 15 The Carboniferous Ice World showing how a large ice sheet covered much of the Gondwana supercontinent about 300 million years ago.

As the ice moved over the underlying land surface, boulders locked in the ice cut furrows and grooves, providing a further record of the passage of these great ice sheets long after they disappeared. After the Carboniferous ice world, climate warmed and there was rapid evolution of a rich flora. Extensive cool-temperate swamps with thriving plant communities formed coal deposits, which can now be seen as thick coal seams stretching along the length of the Transantarctic Mountains. In fact, over 100 years ago, Edward Wilson, as he made his way up the Beardmore Glacier as a member of Scott’s Polar party, realised from these conspicuous coal horizons and from finding fossil leaves that Antarctica had been very different from today and not always the cold barren icy landscape that he was experiencing.

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