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By Tarbuck,Lutgens,Pinzke

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Ideal to be used with any Earth technological know-how textual content, this flexible choice of introductory-level laboratory reports examines the elemental ideas and ideas of the Earth sciences. broadly praised for its concise insurance and dynamic illustrations by means of Dennis Tasa, the textual content comprises twenty-three step by step routines that strengthen significant subject matters in geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. The 7th variation bargains over eighty new images, redrawn illustrations, and protection «Caution» packing containers all through.

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Magnetite Ore of iron Muscovite Insulator in electrical applications Quartz Primary ingredient in glass Sphalerite Major ore of zinc Sulfur Sulfa drugs; sulfuric acid Sylvite Potassium fertilizers Calcite Calcite, a very abundant mineral, is the primary constituent in the sedimentary rock limestone and the metamorphic rock marble. 14B). Talc Paint, cosmetics A. Augite B. 26 These dark-colored silicate minerals are common constituents of igneous rocks: A. augite and B. hornblende. Pyroxene Group The pyroxenes are a group of silicate minerals that are important components of dark-colored igneous rocks.

2 Outcrop A Outcrop A: ________________________________ Outcrop B: _________________________________ Outcrop C: ________________________________ 2. Match each of the metamorphic rocks listed below with one possible parent rock from the following list: bituminous coal, shale, limestone, slate, granite, sandstone. METAMORPHIC ROCK NAME OF PARENT ROCK Marble: ___________________________________ Outcrop B Slate: _____________________________________ Phyllite: ___________________________________ Gneiss: ____________________________________ Quartzite: _________________________________ Anthracite: ________________________________ 3.

Materials metric ruler glass plate iron nail dilute hydrochloric acid igneous rocks sedimentary rocks metamorphic rocks hand lens Introduction Most rocks are aggregates (mixtures) of mineral grains or fragments (gravel, sand, and silt) of preexisting rocks. However, there are some important exceptions including obsidian, which is a rock made of volcanic glass (a non-crystalline substance), and coal, which is a rock made of decayed plant material (an organic substance). Rocks are classified into three groups—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic—based on the processes by which they were formed.

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