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Read Online or Download Argentine Precordillera: Sedimentary and Plate Tectonic History of a Laurentian Crustal Fragment in South America (Special Paper (Geological Society of America)) PDF

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The third sequence in the La Silla Formation is less well defined. Flooding above the sequence boundary led to the return of a normal-marine subtidal environment in the northern sections, whereas the southern sections are dominated by the accumulation of peloidal muds. There is hardly any variation visible in the Puesto de los Potrerillos or Los Berros sections. In contrast, in the north there is a tendency toward more oolitic grainstone and thrombolitic mounds toward the sequence boundary that marks the top of the La Silla Formation.

5: Microbial laminite. In places, well-preserved Girvanella (arrow) are observed that encrust microbial layers. 5. 6: Wackestone with sponge-fragment (arrows) is overlain by thin intraclast layer. Entire sediment is strongly biomottled. 5. org on September 24, 2011 34 M. Keller Fragments of trilobites and gastropods as well as peloids served as nuclei for the radially concentric ooids. Grapestones or coated grains are also present. In many oolite beds almost all ooids are diagenetically altered to microquartz or chalcedony.

The nodular interval in the lower third of the sections is dominated by yellow, red, and green colors. The nodular texture is either caused by intense bioturbation or pressure solution. Diagenesis together with an elevated primary clay content make these rocks transitional to marly limestones. At Cerro La Chilca, there is a prominent hardground developed with vertical burrows penetrat- ing several centimeters into the uppermost bed of the San Juan Formation. Nodular packstones together with some wackestones and marlstones are present at the top of the limestone succession in Las Chacritas section.

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