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By Mark Wolraich; et al

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50-52 He termed this area of study genetic epistemology. Unlike Gesell’s method, in which the researcher stood apart from his objects of study, Piaget developed a research technique known as the clinical method. This involved presenting children with various tasks and verbal problems that would tap into children’s reasoning. 22 DEVELOPMENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL PEDIATRICS: EVIDENCE AND PRACTICE Although he would begin with a set of standardized questions, he would then probe children’s responses with follow-up questions to reveal the reasoning behind their responses.

For example, large singleepisode quantities of alcohol are more detrimental to fetal brain development than are several exposures to low levels of alcohol. Moreover, effects are greater in the later stages of pregnancy. 58 Unlike fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile X syndrome is an example of how a genetically caused disorder can be influenced by environmental factors, inasmuch as individuals with fragile X syndrome vary widely in their presentation. , variation in childhood problem behaviors) into environmental and genetic effects, classic behavioral genetics research methods include family, twin, and adoption study designs.

No intervention) than in mediational models in which no variables are directly manipulated. , symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]) result from the intervention instead of from some other factor. , problem behavior). 38 They also examined several parenting practices as mediators of the intervention → child outcome association. In comparison with mothers in the control sample, mothers in the intervention sample showed improvements in parenting practices. Improvements in parenting practices were linked with improvements in child adjustment.

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